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Until 1990, Catalina Yachts did not advertise its boats publicly; they were sold upon recommendation of the thousands of satisfied owners. A renewed competition between Catalina and modernized Hunter and the new Beneteau production plant in North Carolina inspired today's ad campaigns and boat show rivalries.

Throughout its history, Catalina utilized its many printed brochures to pass along the ideas, shapes, features and option lists for its family of production boats. They still make a fine reference for the many boats in the resale marketplace. If you have other versions, please consider adding them to our collection. 

Mark I #0202 

MarkI 0202-1.jpg (224095 bytes)   MarkI 0202-2.jpg (268891 bytes)   MarkI 0202-3.jpg (280641 bytes)   MarkI 0202-4.jpg (178255 bytes)

Mark I #3330

MarkI 3330-1.jpg (209673 bytes)
   MarkI 3330-2.jpg (266057 bytes)   MarkI 3330-3.jpg (258930 bytes)   MarkI 3330-4.jpg (190977 bytes)

Mark II #5025

MarkII 5025-1.jpg (144366 bytes)
   MarkII 5025-2.jpg (135609 bytes)   MarkII 5025-3.jpg (118660 bytes)   MarkII 5025-4.jpg (104088 bytes)

Mark III ~#5820

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