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M4-30 parts views on Marine Diesel Direct (Torresen). . . http://www.marinedieseldirect.com/catalogs/catalog.php?manufacturer=Universal&model=M4-30%20/%20M4-30A&catalog=200144&printparts=200144&printservice=&printoperators=

 Kubota Engine USA Block model designation:

1st position = # cyls, Z = 2, D = 3

2nd two positions = displacement

so, D850 block = 3 cyl, 85cc displacment

Also, here's the history of production dates: model from to

5421 78 81
5424 77 83
ATOMIC4 45 85
M-12 83 88
M-15 82 83
M-18 83 88
M-25 Jun-81 Aug-86
M-25XP Sep-86 Mar-93
M-25XPA Mar-93 Aug-96
M-25XPB Aug-96 Current

The "C" models where just Catalina subcategories of the XPA and XPB.


A short list of filter interchanges;

 Oil filter (Universal Diesel p/n 300209)

Fram                           PH3593A
Purolater                    L14459

WIX                             51334
NAPA                          1334, 21334, PS1334
AC                               X-88, PF1127
CARQUEST               85452
Fleetguard                  LF3462
Delco                          PF1127
Kubota                        70000-15241

Fuel filter  (Universal Diesel 298854)

Purolator                    F50262
WIX                             33390
NAPA                          3390, 3390MP

AC                               TP1200

Hastings                      FF1119
CARQUEST               86390, 86582
Fleetguard                   FF5226
Kubota                         70000-43081

Cross-reference filter numbers for Kubota blocks.




More Alternator FAQs, (Ken Koebler)

For those of us like me who think "I'll remember where the wires go" when removing the alternator, here's the diagram for the Motorola 51 amp on the M25. prestolite.com/images_alts/dimdraw/pdf_web/8MR2049KA_rear.pdf    
Note:  B+ and B- is charge terminal and ground terminal , A/C tap is the signal that drives the Tach, The dangling wire with the plastic disconnect on it is the exciter wire from the panel. Newer alternators may eliminate this (self-exciting). B+ terminal is connected to only the regulator wire. Also, the voltage regulator schematic: prestolite.com/images_alts/wiredia/pdf_web/8MR2049KA_wire_dia.pdf

Replaced the glow plugs , $60 each from Torrensen.  I used:  $8.21 from Tractor Smart (Keller Brothers) 717-450-1250  KB part # 15261-65510 for the Z500-1 engine. NKG # Y103K  starts with 20 second warm up instead of 120 for the 5411
from George Goodall - My hand book calls for 14.5 to 18.1 foot lbs. Thatís for the D-850 engine ( M-25 ).  I also used NKG Y103K's.

Pump replacement , I just replaced a Sherwood G908 raw water pump on my M3-20 engine with an Oberdorfer N202M-16 (1/2" ports) pump.  The cost of the new Orberdorfer pump was < $240 (incl.  S& H) from Depco in Florida (www.depcopump.com or 1-800-446-156).  The Oberdorfer pump can use the two 6Mx1 studs that hold the clips for the Sherwood G908 pump.  I ordered a gasket, which matched the shape of the 5-hole mounting flange, but the circular gasket from the Sherwood G908 pump fit better, so I reused it (with some gasket pucky).  The Oberdorfer comes in two models -- the -15 has 3/8" NPT ports and the -16 has 1/2" ports -- so you'll want the one with ports that match the elbows in your old pump (or they'll supply and install new elbows, if you want). I hated the Sherwood G908 because of the location of the cover screws.

Bryant Pratt, S/V Narragansett, '90 Mk II C-30 #5755 TBSFK, Great Salt Lake, Utah

Beta Marine's engine range is based on the most advanced water-cooled diesels from Kubota. If you are repowering, we have drop-in replacement engines that provide safer more fuel efficient and reliable alternatives to the old Universal engines. We offer friendly. experienced customer service and special discounts to Catalina 30 owners. Jay Kimball, 1.888.792.2382, www.BetaMarineNW.com

We have had much success repowering Cat 30s with Beta Marine BD722 engines, of 20hp. We have a Cat 30 repower underway now, replacing an old Atomic 4. Details are here - http://www.soundmarinediesel.com/catalina30repower.html
Joe DeMers Sound  Marine Diesel LLC www.soundmarinediesel.com

Hot Water Engine Heating Circuit  http://www.sankaty.homestead.com/waterheatercircuituniversal5432.html

Alternate sources for engine parts...
Hansen Marine, 32 Tioga Way, Marblehead, MA 01945 800-343-0480 617-639-1467 (fax) provides these equivalents...

An excellent replacement oil filter for the many Universal engines that use the Universal part # 300209 filter (M3-20, M-25XP, et al) is the AC Delco PF1127 oil filter. The nice thing about the PF1127 is that it is exactly 3" in diameter, while most of the other replacements are somewhat larger, usually about 3-1/4".  On my M3-20 engine, filters larger than 3" in diameter get rubbed by the drive belt, which isn't good for the belt or the filter.  The Kubota 70000-15241 oil filter is also 3" (when they don't mislabel it -- I got a Kubota filter labeled 70000-15241 which was larger than 3" and had the wrong threads!).  In my area, Pep Boys carries the AC Delco filter.  Bryant Pratt

Oil filters, Universal 300209, Kobuta 7000-15241, (newer
70000-74034), Fram (none), AC PF1127, Fleetguard LF3462, NAPA 1334, Pure Oil L14459

Fuel filters, Universal 298854
Kubota 7000-43081, Hastings 847, NAPA 3390, WIX 33390, Fleetguard FF5226

Water temp sender, Universal 299066

Oil Pressure sender, Universal 299964

Thermostat, Universal 301358 - Gasket Universal 300237

Oberdorfer impellor kit Universal 298416


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