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 2001 Hall of Fame Inductee    and   C309 2005 Boat of the Year!

We hope you will find everything about the Catalina 30 and cousin C309 on this site. Please make this your favorite C30/309 bookmark. Joining the association will be the best thing you can do for yourself and to keep the C30/C309 alive !!


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Let us hear from the owners!  We need articles for the Mainsheet and any sailing, repair, mods, fixes to your boats. 

Lets share with other boat owners.  Email all materials to:  Micheal Dupin

2021 NCR South Shore Yacht Club, Milwaukee WI  August 27, 28,29

Join C30/309 forums   discuss problems, solutions, upgrades, modifications, cruising, racing and other boating issues.

See all the newest frequently asked questions in the tech Library! C30 FAQs

See our Ships Store for new special offers to IC30A members only!  Most of these do not appear in the Mainsheet magazine!   

Check your sail trim knowledge. See Don Guillett's Sailing Quiz (answers)

Voluntary C30/C309 Owners Listing and boat descriptions. (Not a membership listing.)

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